Waterproof High Chair Cushion for IKEA High Chair - One Piece with Sitting Cushion

Our Gembebe chair cushion set is the perfect Ikea high chair accessory, designed to offer a snug fit and elevate the comfort of your baby's dining experience.

Ultimate Comfort for Your Little One

Upgrade your baby's high chair with our plush, baby sit up chair cushion. Ideal for Ikea's Antilop model, it provides a cozy seat with extra filling.

Superior Quality and Design

Our high chair cushions, expertly crafted in South Korea, are made of premium 100% Cotton TPU-coated waterproof fabric, ensuring top-notch quality for your baby high chair.

Safety and Style in One

Not only do our cushion covers add a layer of safety to keep your little one secure, but they also come in designs that modern parents love, making them the go-to highchairs for babies and toddlers.

Handmade in South Korea

From the fabric to the final cushion, our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Korea with the highest standards, guaranteeing that you get only the best for your baby.

Choose the perfect gift for your child

It is the perfect gift as it is built to withstand the rigors of mealtime, our chair cushions maintain their integrity, ensuring a long-lasting, comfortable, and clean eating area for your child. Choose from an array of patterns and colors with our Ikea Antilop high chair accessories. They don't just offer comfort; they're a stylish statement for your toddler's high chair.