Silicone Tray Placemat Compatible with Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Tray

Silicone Resistant High Chair Placemat | Lightweight | Dishwasher Safe| Easy to Clean


Our Silicone Placemat is Made in South Korea using high quality KCC silicone, which is totally different from Chinese-made silicone. Be careful of counterfeit products made in China.

  • Please make sure to read "note" before buying the product. The product does not adhere fully to the tray without the suction plate. Non-sticking is not a product defect.


Our high chair mat fits perfectly and provides a barrier between your child and the high chair thats makes it an easy way to keep your little one's high chair clean.

  • EASY TO CLEAN : This mat is designed to quickly and easily clean up food messes, so your kid can focus on enjoying his meal
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: It's only 1.5mm thick and very lightweight, so it won't add any extra bulk to your already full tray.


Once attached, the suction plates and cups remain in place. This food mat for baby high chair is made of slip-resistant material to help keep suction plates and bowls in place. It's perfect for messy eaters or those who like to move around a lot during mealtime.

Note! Tray, High chair, and other accessories are not included. This product is designed with a structure that does not fall off when force is applied to the adhesion surface of the suction plate or the bowl is attached. The main purpose of this product is to help with hygienic and easy cleaning, so it does not adhere completely to the tray without the suction plate. Please note that it can easily be removed from the other parts (like thin edges) that do not have force applied.